Posted on December 6, 2018


Your website indicates the firmware is on the platter and if that is corrupt, it seems to make sense that it’s not a problem I cannot fix myself. Please ensure items are returned in these if applicable. This leads to further damage to the media and causes more data loss. If you hear your Samsung hard drive making some other unusual noises visit our Hard Drive Sounds page for more examples. As soon as you start experiencing such symptoms while reading important files stop your computer immediately and consider talking to a professional.

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It sounds like the heads are going nuts back and forth with various high pitch sounds then the heads stop for a few seconds then start again but no high pitch just clicking like mad.

The drive is a Samsung SPN. All returns will be tested and checked for our warranty markings. All items are fully tested szmsung working unless otherwise specified. Samsung drives are very vulnerable to power overheating and power surges. A wrong power supply was used.

The problem is that logic board on modern hard drive is adapted to the head disk assembly it was manufactured with. This not only ensures data is completely wiped and privacy is protected, but also ensures that the data area and the mechanics of each and every drive we ship is sound. Often bad power supply unit combined with power streak is enough to burn spindle driver chip on the electronics and make data inaccessible.


Collection in person is welcome and free from our trade counter. All the information below is based solely on our experience and we do not make any claims regarding reliability of the specific model.

Samsung SP1644N 160GB IDE 3.5″ Desktop Hard Drive

Dylan Pembroke, Ontario, Canada. Please contact us before opening a case with eBay. Stay away from those companies. Payment Methods We accept the following payments. Your website indicates the firmware is on the platter and if that is corrupt, it seems to make sense that it’s not a problem I cannot fix myself.

We have seen a number of websites sp1644b cloning information from our pages.

Samsung Spinpoint P80 SPN GB Internal RPM ” (SPN) HDD | eBay

Szabo Budapest, Hungary Whenever the drive hits such unreadable area it could start freezing, ticking, scratching and sometimes even clicking: If this is the case you can try to swap PCB from another hard drive of the same model but the chances of success, especially on newer hard drives, are close to zero. Please contact us before returning any goods to receive free technical support and register for an RMA code.

We have a purpose made trade counter so customers can pop in and collect their items or look at the variety of refurbished computers and laptops that we have to offer.

Samsung hard drives could also suffer from firmware problems.

In our lab we use specialized software and hardware to rebuild these adaptive parameters in ROM to make donor PCB fully compatible with damaged drive. In our lab we use special imaging hardware tools that are capable of reading raw sector data ignoring sector checksum check.


About Us We are specialists in hard to find and legacy computer, laptop and server bits. After some period of time magnetic media starts to degrade and bad sectors appear.

Samsung SP1644N Manuals

We see mostly failed drives in our lab ps1644n therefore we don’t have complete statistics. Any further attempts would just add up to the problems.

However if you do have any problems please feel free to contact us.

The drive usually sounds normal but does not identify in BIOS or shows up with zero capacity. We offer a 3 month RTB warranty on all of our goods unless otherwise stated.

Most often this a sign of damaged heads and it means this drive needs to be opened in class samsug in order samsubg swap head assembly from matching donor. We are not affiliated in any way with hard drive manufacturers. Orders placed after 3pm on Friday will be despatched on Monday. The drive spins up and and the head starts clicking right from the beginning with a constant or intermittent sound: Should this occur the computer would reboot itself or shutdown completely, you would normally notice asmsung smell and smoke and the drive will no longer spin up.