Posted on December 13, 2018


First and foremost one has to note the high brightness of this screen. Nevertheless, it has to be mentioned that some of the cheaper HP notebooks have a longer battery life. Glossy elements give it the flair of a high-end notebook. Even if the CPU is not stressed, the fan is sometimes audible. Quality journalism is made possible by advertising. It does not compare to the qualities of other Dell notebooks, not even to their mainstream notebooks. Optical drive, Modem, Power Socket.

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In regards of colour representation the A could also convince. The basseson the other hand, sound like stamping, so one might worry, whether the speakers will collapse in a spectacular fashion.

Vostro A – Windows 7 32 Bit – The Unofficial Windows 10 Reinstallation Guide

Although the Vostro A is not equipped with very powerful hardware and its cooling system works intensely during load, its chassis can heat up quite a bit.

Another of numerous weaknesses is that the cooling system is rather loud. The hinges work properly, nevertheless they can not completely prevent a seesaw after adjusting the opening angle. Only two Bluetootj ports and inconveniently located — one adjacent to the other in the front delll of the left side.


Although Dell chose a modest battery 48 Wh for this budget laptop, the battery life of the Vostro A does not disappoint compared to similar notebooks. While these should give this laptop a more elegant look, they are also very sensitive to fingerprints.

DELL Vostro A Laptop Windows XP, Vista Drivers, Applications, Updates | Notebook Drivers

Furthermore, we did not like its noise characteristics. If you are looking for a budget laptop with a good non-reflecting screen, you have found one. Loudspeakers The speakers are not impressive. Considering the price bluwtooth viewing angles are fairly good too.

The Pentium DC T has a clock rate of 1. In fact the Vostro trounces any competition in its category, even if you consider all low-priced laptops and not only those with matte screen. Furthermore, we bostro nearly uncomfortable with a keyboard sagging that much. Therefore moving the cursor is a bit difficultbecause of too little space for comfortably moving it in vertical direction.

Review Dell Vostro A860

So, this notebook is clearly bluetootth by newer notebooks which are equipped with superior integrated graphics processors made by Nvidia or ATI e. Once you start using the keyboard, you’ll notice that it seriously flexes and that the tapping of the keys is rather loud and unpleasant. Furthermore, the sharp edges of the key heads, make typing feel rather uncomfortable.


The connectivity is not impressive. The glossy lead needs a lot of cleaning. This makes working with an external mouse difficult for right-handers. Measuring 69x37mm is is a little long. If you are used to a It does not compare to the qualities of other Dell notebooks, not even to their mainstream notebooks.

We intentionally show more ads when an adblocker is used. The input devices are also not really good. Even during regular use the noise of the cooling system is very annoying.

DELL Vostro A860 Laptop Windows XP, Vista Drivers, Applications, Updates

The only disadvantage is the Vostro A is a considerably noisy notebook. Optical drive, Modem, Power Socket. The Vostro A is one of the Dell’s budget notebooks.

Precisely speaking, this occurs on a limited area, in the left front part. Review Dell Vostro A The speakers are not impressive.