Posted on December 4, 2018


Cost to reshaft irons???? Grips and installation included? It might not be that high depending on what you are getting. All depends on where you go. But if you don’t have the stuff to do it and don’t plan on doing it again, would make since to shop around since getting the equipment might cost just as much. Better follow through no matter a short, mid, or full length swing 5:

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There’s a very fine line between “Living life on the edge” and “Nature’s way of weeding out the stupid. Submit any pending changes before refreshing this page.

Cost to reshaft irons???? – Clubs, Grips, Shafts, Fitting – The Sand Trap .com

Post anything golf related! However, the old shafts have to be pulled from the heads, the heads cleaned up, the new shafts measured, cut and prepped, ferrules applied, glued and gripped. They didn’t happen to bend a little did they?

This thread is days old. How can you improve your golf without going to a golf club constantly? You can buy new or used shafts on eBay, and I did just that when I wanted to change my irons to lightweight rsehaft.

Related Questions How do you revolutinze the golf club? We’d love to have you!

How much does reshafting golf clubs cost? Is it something you can do yourself? – Quora

I guess if you can get it, but a competent clubmaker with a reasonably well equipped shop should be able to reshaft a set of irons, start to finish excluding the curing time in less than two hours.


Expert editorial reviews, breaking golf tour and industry news, what to play, how to play and where to play. What should I consider when beginning to golf and buying golf clubs? Have a go at doing it yourself man. Related Questions When should you reshaft golf clubs?

Tips on how to post one. Changing swingweight by changing weight in the grip does nothing interesting.

What happened to the old shafts? The only deciding factor is if he has graphites shafts in that case go to the store.

It’s rather ironic that you’d mention the difference – because you’re pointing ocst the basic difference between a 19th century physician and a modern one, or the kid fresh out of highschool and yourself and your MBA. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled.

Most people that have managed to survive until the age of 25 can cut a piece of grit sand paper in to a strip, mount a piece of tubular steel reshatt a vice and roughen up the end a little.

How much Does it cost to reshaft

But I just can’t agree with you that club work is meticulous, say, in the same fashion as hand surgery. But honestly, when a clubmaker quotes me an hourly labor rate that is twice as high as I make with a top 10 MBA, then I start to wonder.


Swingweight with the same split grip on each club then install the playing grip. You are using a theme designed for your browser.

How can I sell more golf club memberships? If you are matching swingweight by using grips of different weights, you are defeating the purpose of swingweight adjustment – which is for fine tuning shaft flex by adding weight to the head, not for meeting an arbitrary SW number. I have no idea what he’s looking at. How much does a pro season cost on the European Golf Tour? Sets were matched by the pro in the pro shop who assembled components into completed clubs using these precision reshafg – which can still be used today to do the tp thing.

It depends on the price of the shaft. The time now is All times are GMT Sign in Already have an account? I have them on my backup set and they are really good.