Posted on February 11, 2019


Burgi 3, 9 25 We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. J March 14, , 7: Then the Realtek audio drivers can be installed manually from the removed folder. Once installed, I attempted to install the BootCamp drivers but it keeps getting hung up on the Realtek audio driver. I’m thinking that Bootcamp might do more than partition and install, and that I’m supposed to do more to inform windows about the macbook hardware at this stage.

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Oh man, I was struggling with this issue, until I realised I forgot to install the bootcamp realltek I installed Windows 10 on my 15″ Retina Macbook Pro. I had to open download in Firefox,but now waiting for log download. Thanks for posting this; Now I have sound: Michael February 23,6: Kenneth Denson January 26,7: Brad Frost 2 3. Downloaded it on my vista pc then saved the file on a usb and later installed it on my window 7 running on my macbook using bootcsmp 2. It is the setup.

After backing everything up, wiping my partitions, and installing Windows 8. Using USB mouse and Keyboard downloaded and installed bootcamp software update 3. Hopefully this helps, as there’s so much conflicting advice to getting sound working on Windows via Bootcamp. I attempted to install the drivers individually, boot the BootCamp launcher that allows you to reboot into OS X and the Apple Touch Pad driver is not installed properly.


Porem, existe alguma forma de instalar qualquer versao do windows? The sound problems don’t have anything to do with whether you have OSX Yosemite or a prior OSX but can be fixed as follows I suspect its identical on macbooks etc as its really a software realteek.

Windows Software Speciality level out of ten: May 21, 7: Is there any way to get rid of realetk junk and just use the superior Windows 7 mixer? The audio jack was showing a red light in the Vista boot which meant to me that it was looking for a optical output.

How to get sound working in Windows 7 running via Boot Camp

Ross McKillop January 26,8: If I’m doing something totally wrong, please let me know. None of the download links on the Realtek website work.

It does not seem to matter which model of MacBook you run, both the 13 and the bootacmp inch model are affected. When I expand zip file and exe, win 7 tells me that file is corrupt…. Everything now works like a charm.


You may also want to Boot Camp: I do not shifted in anything like that. I found the fix to this problem.

Btw I did try several other “solutions” first, with no luck What version of Bootcamp? The fixes described on this post will not work, if the reason is the same as my mistake.

How to get sound working in Windows 7 running via Boot Camp

Win 7 64bit installed on Bootcamp 3. These audip old drivers for me and it messed up some things I had working. So I either need a pair of USB speakers or amplified ones. Bob February 6,4: