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With American offices in Irvine, California, the company also provides a firmware revision history , which is a professional, useful and commendable service. Remote Control Coming Soon. Strangely, Archos firmly recommends placing the player upside down in its carrier. The Jukebox performs admirably as a USB hard drive, with the added benefit of being highly portable and battery powered. The unit froze completely and would not turn off. Some confusion exists regarding the speed of the Recorder’s USB port. As is typical for most headphones bundled with portable audio products, the ones included with the Jukebox are not very good.

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The player also has the ability to record audio from a line-in source cables supplied straight into MP3 format.

Archos Jukebox series

The four corners of the metallic silver unit are heavily protected with dark blue, dense, shock absorbing foam padding. This cycling continues for the duration that the player is used, but the cycling is not noticeable unless the user is looking for it and does not impact listening at all.

Using any of the headphones listed above, the Jukebox sounded good. This page was last edited on 10 Septemberat The Archos Jukebox gives a favorable first impression. Windows 98 SE or higher. This device was released Saturday, December 9, and discontinued as jukeboa Friday, May 16, USB, audio line-in, audio line-out.


Nevertheless the included headphones are average compared with what you’ll find with other MP3 players. MusicMatch Jukebox is an easy to use and powerful tool that most archox will appreciate. The unit will lock up with playlists containing more than items. In a time of dubious marketing claims, it is refreshing to see a product actually exceed a vendor’s marketing statements.

But if you’re still in the market for a dedicated music player, there are still some worthy options out there.

Archos Jukebox review – Engadget

The volume was set at 12 out of 15 and bass and treble were left at defaults. In this review we will examine this device in detail. When the unit came back up, we unhappily discovered that the entire drive contents were lost.

Moreover, we appreciate open standards and are wary of Microsoft’s Windows Media Format despite claims of its superior compression abilities. Battery life seems to be holding up well.

Dual stereo line out. The volume can be adjusted in 16 steps Another quirk of the Jukebox control system is that the On button turns on the unit, but does not turn it off despite the fact that there is no Off button.

Digital audio players Portable media players Jukebox-style media players. With about a 10 to 1 compression ratio at kbps, high quality music files can be quickly and easily downloaded over cable modem or dsl — a typical MP3 song encoded at kbps takes about 4MB versus around 40MB for the uncompressed version. Instead, a menu system has to be navigated to adjust the unit’s volume.


Archos 6 GB Jukebox Mp3 Player/hard Drive | eBay

Archos Jukebox – digital player jukebox Home Entertainment by Ty Pendlebury Oct 28, It wouldn’t be surprising, though, if Archos used multiple hard drive suppliers. In addition to the included headphones, we tried the Archos Jukebox with several different headphones:.

And at 12 oz. It is also possible to upgrade the harddrive to a larger capacity, higher RPM drive using a standard 2. The world moved on, but we still remember our first MP3 players From iPods to SanDisk Sansas, we reminisce about our first MP3 players — and all the music we packed in our pockets.

Adds a drive letter to computer. Strangely, Archos does not expose a volume control. We then noticed a 60 Hz hum as we listened to music with the adapter archoe. The only difference was the 5 GB 2. To put 6GB of storage in perspective, that is enough space for about CDs or over four days of music.